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Get Paid for Referrals!

Ready to turn your passion for cars into a rewarding venture? Welcome to the CAROUSA Birddog Program - your gateway to becoming an automotive sales birddog! Earn while doing what you love by connecting car buyers with their dream vehicles.


Join our team and gain access to an extensive network of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Embrace the thrill of helping others find their perfect ride, all while enjoying attractive rewards and incentives. Start your journey as an automotive sales birddog with CAROUSA today!


What exactly is a Birddog?

In the automotive sales industry, a "birddog" refers to an individual who assists car dealerships or automotive salespeople in locating potential customers or leads. Essentially, the birddog acts as a scout or intermediary, identifying potential car buyers and referring them to the dealership or salesperson in exchange for a finder's fee or commission.


This term is derived from the hunting practice of using trained dogs to locate and retrieve birds, drawing a parallel to the birddog's role in finding potential car buyers.

The birddog plays a crucial role in the sales process, as they help expand the dealership's customer base and increase sales opportunities. These individuals often have a wide network and connections in the local community, allowing them to identify potential customers that might not be reached through traditional advertising or marketing efforts. Dealerships may offer the birddog a fixed amount or a percentage of the final sale as compensation for their successful referrals.

While birddogs can be valuable assets to automotive sales professionals, it is essential to adhere to industry regulations and ethical practices. Both the dealership and the birddog must maintain transparency and uphold fair practices while dealing with customers.


When properly executed, the birddog system can be a win-win situation for all parties involved, creating a symbiotic relationship that fosters increased sales and customer outreach in the automotive sales industry.


Here's 50 Bucks

“I referred my co-worker when he said he needed a new truck. After he bought his truck I got paid”

Alexa Young, CAROUSA BirdDog

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