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Now you can ask a Car Salesman questions about buying a car and get the right answer. Hi, I'm William and I am a retired Car Salesman. After I retired I noticed something. A lot of my previous customers were calling me day and night to help them or maybe one of their kids buy a car.

I spent so much time in my home office until my wife asked me if was really retired?

I couldn't help myself, I had to answer each call as well as do whatever research I needed to do to give that person the best possible answer to their questions about buying a car. New car, or used car for sale it did not matter.

I have listed a few common questions below but if your question or issue is not addressed here please feel free to reach out to me with any and all questions about buying a car. This is a free service of my company:

Can I buy a car with bad credit?

This is actually the most asked question ever. It seems as if many Car Shoppers have credit issues. The truth is, yes you can still buy a car even if your credit is all jacked up. However, when it comes to getting a car financed you can expect to pay a much higher interest rate or APR.

How much do I need for a down payment?

The answer to this question depends on you, your credit. For example, let's say you've got a credit score of at least 640, odds are you will qualify for a lower APR and will have the option to do or don't as part of your car deal. On the other hand, if your credit is considered bad, you can expect to be told that you need at least 20% of the price of the car as a down payment.

Do I really need to buy a warranty?

I would say yes. A warranty is a great idea but you need to be aware that all advertised warranties are not what they claim to be. Most car dealerships have partnered with reputable warranty companies. Your salesman should be able to at least provide you with basic information.

Are female car shoppers treated differently?

First of all. Yes, we have seen that a single female car shopper will be treated differently than a male. Most car salesmen are highly trained. Part of that training is on being in control. The other factor is knowledge. Learn as much as you can about the car buying process and maybe take a man with you.

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