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Become a Birddog

As a CAROUSA Birddog, you get paid to make referrals - if someone you refer buys a car, you get $50. It's an easy way to make extra money and help your family and friends find the perfect car.

We have added our Birddog Referral Program to our 100% Free Car Buying Service. 

Simply Sign Up for our 100% Free Car Buying Service. 

CAROUSA is the place to go for all of your car buying needs!
Offering top-notch car buying services, we make sure you are able to find the vehicle that best fits you and your lifestyle.
Want to be a CAROUSA BirdDog? Choose our 100% Free Car Buying Service below. 
Experience the CAROUSA difference today!

Let's Get Started

  • 100% Free Car Buying Service/BirdDog

    Once you know which vehicle is the right one for you, our team conducts a professional car search.
    Valid for one month
    • Location Services
    • CAROUSA BirdDog
    • Vehicle Inspections
    • Price Negotiations
    • Home Delivery
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