The Meta Way to Buy a Car

"Meta: the Most Effective Tactic Available"

This is How You Save Time and Lots of Money on Your First or Next Vehicle Purchase!

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The Meta Way to Buy a Car


Step # 1

Start Car Search

Now you can shop new cars, used cars for sale, trucks and SUVs from millions of car dealerships nationwide.

A national car search can reveal better car deals outside of your current area. The savings will definitely off-set the shipping cost.


Step # 2

Get Pre-Approved

A smart car shopper will always acquire auto financing on their own and not rely on the car dealership to offer financing that benefits them, more than it does you.


The best place to get a car financed is your own bank or credit union. However, if that's not an option for you, we've got you covered.

Step # 3

Get Car Insurance

The final step in buying a car is putting insurance on the car. You could save 12% when you buy customized car insurance online.

 We recommend getting an insurance quote upfront to make sure the car payments and insurance payments will fit in your budget.




Extended Warranty

Buying a used car is tricky business. Some used cars may still have a bit of the manufacture's power-train warranty. Most don't. 

An extended warranty — also known as a vehicle service contract — is an optional plan you can buy to help you pay for the cost of certain repairs on your vehicle.


Buy a Car the Meta Way

The process of buying a car is often complicated and time-consuming.


That's why many people are turning to the Meta Way to buy the perfect Car, Truck or SUV.


The Meta Way offers Car Shoppers the opportunity to compare prices, features, and reviews of different cars, plus compare car loans, insurance rates, car warrantees, and more on one website.


100% Free Car Buying Service!


What We Actually Do


Personal Car Buying Advisor:

We will provide you any advice about make and models, reliability, value, new or used, lease or purchase, financing sources, after-market warranties, add-ons, and accessories, or any other automobile purchase-related matters.

Personal Car Shopper/Locator Service:

Once you know which vehicle is the right one for you, our team conducts a professional car search in your local area as well as the rest of the Nation (if necessary) to find that perfect new or pre-owned vehicle of your choice that offers the best value, and transparent history and condition (pre-owned) at a reputable dealership.

Personal Car Price Negotiator:

After the right car is identified and approved by you, our professional industry insiders with decades of experience in negotiating car deals, negotiate the best deal for every aspect of your purchase such as price, trade-in value, lease, or loan.

Personal Car Buying Concierge:

Whether you sign your documents and take delivery at your home or place of business, or at the dealership. After all the negotiations are finalized, we make all the arrangements about every detail to make sure the process is legal, and transparent.

Privacy Statement:

At CarFinderUSA we value your privacy. Contact information provided to CarFinderUSA is protected by applicable State and Federal Laws.


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