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 by William S. An Honest Car Salesman. Oct, 3rd 2022

For starters, you've got to find a car that YOU can afford. Searching for a car shouldn't be done hastily or under pressure. You should prepare yourself well in advance.

Take your time during the car search phase as this is where that dream car you saw and are so eager to buy; could be a bitter lemon.


Also, while conducting your car search don't be afraid to SEARCH (out-side-of-the-box), or your local area. 


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We wanted to simplify car search. So we've taken the liberty to optimize your car search by showing you the Top Used Cars for Sale

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Our research found that car prices are a bit territorial due to the income levels, real estate values and other factors that make the car prices higher at major car dealerships, or in big cities.


There probably is a car dealership outside of your local area that has the same Car, Truck or SUV; that's cheaper.


Tip: The savings could off set the shipping cost if you buy a car outside of the box. 


Exclusive Discounts on the New Audi TT


Exclusive Discounts on the New Hyundai Sonata

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Considering our recent experience with high gas prices, I think a few of us gave some thought to buying a hybrid or electric Car, Truck or SUV. 

Well, we did some checking and here are the most popular/ Top Hybrid Cars, Trucks and SUV's out there. 

While creating this webpage we went looking for YouTube Videos that we thought would be helpful to Car Shoppers. 

Here's what we found.

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Helpful Car Buyer Videos | CarFinderUSA®

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