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Hassle-Free Car Buying with CarFinderUSA.

CarFinderUSA is a Premium, Online Car Buying Service. Best of all, our services are 100% free!


Welcome to CarFinderUSA


We understand that buying a car can be a bit intimidating so we offer our decades of car buying experience to help anyone who wants or needs to buy a car.


Most car shoppers do not have the time or experience to search for and find the perfect Car, Truck or SUV, while getting a great deal. We do. 

CarFinderUSA is perfect for first-time car buyers. Not only will we help you find, finance and buy the perfect car, we will also educate you in the process for all future car purchases. 

What We Actually Do

CarFinderUSA is a great place to buy a car. Their car buying service is spot on. It's really convenient, saves time and money.

Jennie Crutch-Verified Car Buyer

Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Car

Begin your car-buying adventure today and let us help you find, finance and buy, the car of your dreams.


DIY-Do it Yourself,

CarFinderUSA is an innovative car dealership with a difference. We provide our customers with the tools they need to shop for the perfect Car, Truck or SUV.


With our do it yourself car shopper tools, you can easily research, compare and purchase a car from the comfort of your own phone or home.


Find the Perfect Car

With over 50 years of experience, Edmunds is the trusted guide in car shopping.


Our website has in-depth video reviews, new and used listings, free appraisals, and calculators that verify a good price. Shoppers count on us at every step of their journey.

Tip: A national car search can reveal better car deals outside of your current area. 

Easy Financing

Getting approved through saves you time and money.


Application and loan processes are private, secure, and confidential.


There are no fees. It's free, fast, and easy. And there's never an obligation to use one of our lenders or loans.

Tip: Dealership financing benefits the car dealership more than it does you. Get your own financing. 

CAROUSA-happy car buying service
CAROUSA-happy car buying service-client

Cheap Car Insurance

We work with 70+ top insurers across the country to ensure you get the largest selection of quotes.

We’ll show you your rates, plus we’ll identify all the discounts you qualify for, so you can get the most accurate picture of your possible premium.

Tip: Make sure the car payments and insurance payments will fit in your budget.

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