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Get To Know Us

Since our grand opening in 2017, CAROUSA has provided car shoppers with quality vehicles and high end services to suit their needs.


With a diverse assortment of vehicles in stock, we’re guaranteed to have something for everyone to enjoy. At CAROUSA we take pride in offering the lowest prices in town, with options that fall within everyone’s budget.

Our History: CAROUSA was founded in 2017, under the name of The CarFindersClub. Since that time our primary focus has remained the same, helping car shoppers; find that perfect car, truck or SUV at the lowest price possible. 

We've created a place where car shoppers can find, finance and buy a great new or used car, truck or SUV and save lots of time and money. 


We're still here

For years we offered a 100% Free Car Buying Service with much success. However, just as much of the world suffered loss during the Covid 19 pandemic, we also lost. 

However, we did not stop, we persevered. In 2021 we changed our name and domain name to CarFinderUSA ( and continued to serve lot's clients both near and far. 

Now, in 2023 we have made our final name change to the website itself from CarFinderUSA to CAROUSA.

Why CAROUSA? It fits us perfectly! Let me explain.


We needed to keep the word Car in our named to help with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. 

Add a O behind the word Car and you've got CARO which hints at where we are currently based. CARO as in Carolina. Sunny South Carolina in fact. 


Lastly, we are a USA based business and our services span the entire USA. So we proudly announce that we are Made in America. 

Smiling Businessman

Max Johnson

General Sales Manager

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